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[10mg Rx] Galactomyces 83.5 Booster Ampoule - 33ml

Contains 3.5% PHA to remove dead skin cells and maintain smooth skin texture.
It contains 83.5% Galactomis, and is managed with clear and clean skin tone.
Contains hyaluronic acid for immediate hydration and soothing after cleansing.
Kantou Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf, Location Hazel Restores the balance of broken milk after standing in triple calm.
Easy-to-use peeling booster without washing.

[How to use]
1. Check the direction of the arrow on the white lid marked up.
2. Lift up the white lid slightly and pull the metal cap all the way down.
3. Turn the metal cap to remove it completely.
4. Please remove the gray rubber stopper.
5. Insert the transparent silicone cap.
6. Press the transparent silicone cap lightly to get the ampoule.

In the morning and evening after skin cleansing, please absorb the skin in the first step.
Next step Increases basic absorbency.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 33ml

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