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[2SOL] Green Enzyme Cleanser - 50g

An enzyme cyanogen manufactured by using a high content of protease component
It is an enzyme cleanser made with high content of protease.
Green tea powder can be used to control your skin naturally when cleansing, and the mild cleansing ingredients will feel more soft than dry after use.

[How to use]
Please remove the almond size in the cleaned palm and melt the enzyme while rubbing it in warm water and bubbling it.
Massage your face gently, rub gently on the face, sebaceous areas, horny parts of the frequent occurrence of 30 seconds after leaving the lukewarm water and you can do.
You can use it only one or three times a week at night.
Once a week, apply enough foam on your face, apply it to the face pack for 1 to 2 minutes, and wipe it out.
After the excessive drinking, please use mild quick one-step cleanser rather than enzymatic cleanser.
And after using the enzyme product, if you use baranabana, vitamins c, etc., stimulation can be done.
Please apply it later or avoid using it if you do not have it.

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- Volume : 50g

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