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[3CE] Blurring Liquid Lip - 5.5g

Liquid lip that slides smoothly as if a'blur filter' was applied to the texture itself.
It forms a dense high-density velvet film to maintain a rich color for a long time.
The texture like melted matte lipstick is gently blended and adhered like a smear, creating a veiled lip makeup as if corrected with a blur filter.
Highly colored pigments are blended as if spreading on the lips, and then quickly adhered without drying to give a soft, powdery finish.

[How to use]
Dispense a small amount and gently apply.

# So Over
# Carlet
# Stay Away
# Bearberry
# Nude Scene
# Start Now
# Chapter Pink
# Stick Around
# Delicate Soul

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 5.5g

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