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Brand: 3CE
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[3CE] Disney Mini Multi Eye Color Palette - 3.2g

Stylenanda X Disney.
Classic never changes and constantly gives you inspiration despite of different time and space.
Mickey Moust, the icon of classic, is reinterpreted endlessly Vintage vibe 3CE X Disney edition.
Put on a lovely Mickey Mouse smile to deliver happy energy and compliments.

Featuring various textures and usable colors.
This compact-sized eyeshadow palette will complete your eye makeup.
Whenever and wherever you are.
The dense, silky texture has excellent adherence and pigmentation that keep eye makeup lasting all day long.
Slip this compact-sized eyeshadow palette into your pouch to complete eye makeup whenever and wherever you are.

[# Side By Side]
Unique and innovative mauve hues. Harmoniously gathered for a modern look.
A shy yet mature vibe in a modern tone-on-tone look. Mauve Pink to share mood.

[# Almond Fudge]
Add mellow vibes to your eyes. With daily yellow brown.
A highly pigmented yellow brown palette of 4 shades without redness for daily wear.

[How to use]
Apply a small amount of loose powder before eye makeup.
It helps your makeup last longer and allows color to apply evenly by getting rid of excess oil around eyes.

[Color payoff]
Use a small amount of primer before applying eyeshadow.
It elevates color payoff as well as adherence, presenting longer lasting makeup.

# Almond Fudge
# Side By Side

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 3.2g

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