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[3CE] Stylenanda Take A Layer Layering Nail Lacquer

3CE Layering Nail Lacquer offers subtle color payoff with a glossy finish, making it easy to create gradient nails that look natural.
Born from 3CE's special triple system, the formula prevents scratches and dries quickly for long-lasting glass-like color on your nails.
3CE nail Lacquer nourishes and protects your nails from external harmfulness by preventing the loss of moisture with three different oils(olive oil + argan oil + jojoba oil) and two nourishing components(vitamin E complex + Calcium Pantothenate).
The triangle-shaped brush assists you with even application while two translucent shades become more vivid coat by coat, allowing you to achieve various styles and natural gradients on your nails.

[How to use]

1. Apply a light base color thinly over the entire nail.
2. Apply a thin layer of dark point color several times to the top 1/2 point of the fingernail.
3. Apply a base color once again over the entire nail to eliminate point colors and border lines.


- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack(4ml x 2)

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