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[3CE] Stylenanda Velvet Lip Tint - 4g

A sherbet-like texture that melts into lips and leaves a natural tinge with a matte finish.
This soft and velvety tint imparts subtle yet rich color payoff reminiscent of flower petals.
Soft and Matte - A rich yet light primer-like formula that smoothly fills in your lips' ridges and adheres seamlessly, leaving a soft and matte finish.
Petal-Like Gradient Lips - A velvety formula that melts upon application and delicately tinges lips with petal-like color to complete a natural gradient lip look.
An MLBB Tint - A velvety matte texture that amplifies the subtle and rich MLBB shade, completing an edgy lip look.

[How to use]
Dispense a proper amount of content and evenly apply to your lips.

# Know Better
# Best Ever
# New Nude
# Near and Dear
# Private
# Go Now
# Absorbed
# Simply Speaking
# Enjoy Love
# Gentle Coral
# Icing Coral
# Childlike
# Taupe
# Persistence
# Going Right
# Save Me
# Daffodil
# Pink Breake

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 4g

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