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Brand: 3W CLINIC
Product Code: 3W CLINIC_282916
Weight 40 g
Stock 100
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[3W CLINIC] Aqua Matte Lip Stick

Stressed by the environment, the lips are moisturized and healthy.
The creamy feeling makes it close to the lips and the color becomes clear after a certain period of time.
It is a lipstick that gives a feeling of freshness and freshness more than the natural pink lips and lasts for a long time and can maintain a refreshing feeling.

[How to use]

After painting the lip line, apply it gently to the inside of the lip line.

#01 Rose Vely
#02 Mellowed Brown
#03 Instant Some
#04 Sugar Rose
#05 Orange Pepper
#06 Wild Seeker
#07 Cherry Rose
#08 Love Me Talk
#09 Naked Orange
#10 Honey Nude
#11 Reset Orange
#12 Hug Brownie

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 3.7g

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