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Brand: 3W CLINIC
Product Code: 3W CLINIC_375913
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[3W CLINIC] Beauty Soap - 120g

It uses natural plant ingredients to remove waste from the skin without irritation.

[Herbal Green Tea]
The herbal ingredients alleviate skin problems and the green tea ingredients contract the pores of the skin, making the skin firmer and clearer.

Collagen ingredients keep the skin elastic and vitamins make the skin more lively.

Cucumber extract contracts the pores of the skin and makes the skin more elastic.

[Clay Pearl]
It removes dead skin cells from the pores, and the clay component strengthens the skin's immunity and prevents skin aging.
Pearl ingredients keep skin clean and bright.

Charcoal removes dead skin cells and removes skin odor.
Natural herbal ingredients remove wastes from the skin without irritation, making the skin softer and smoother.

[Honey Gold]
Honey ingredients keep skin moisturized, minerals and vitamins rejuvenate tired skin and brighten up the skin.

[Rose Hip]
Rose hips and natural olive oil remove impurities from the skin without irritation, and make the skin smoother and softer.

[How to use]
Make enough bubble and rub it on your skin, and of course, wash it thoroughly.
When taking a shower, wash off after foaming like a massage on the whole body.

# Herbal Green Tea
# Collagen
# Cucumber
# Clay Pearl
# Charcoal
# Honey Gold
# Rose Hip

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 120g

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