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[3W CLINIC] Super Food Cream - 60ml

[Superfood Salmon]
Salmon roe extract (1,000ppm), which has the vitality of nature, quickly delivers moisture and nutrition deep into the skin to make the skin moist and shiny.

[Superfood Blueberry]
Raw sweet blueberry extract (1,000ppm), a natural ingredient, provides abundant moisture and nutrition to help moisturize the skin and makes the skin lively with a fresh feeling.

[Superfood Carrot]
Carrot root extract (1,000ppm) rich in nutrients and vegetable ingredients soften the skin, maintain moisture in the skin and increase the moisturizing ability to keep the skin moist without stickiness.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount of this product and spread evenly on the skin.

# Salmon
# Blueberry
# Carrot

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 60ml

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