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[MISSHA] Home Made Pack Foam Cleanser 5 Item Samples

Cleansing foam for sensitive skin, helps to soothe and calm down skin concerns just like homemade pack even after washing your face.

#Yogurt Enzyme: Brightening effect Infused with Lemon Extract.
# Seaweed Marine Clay: Pore cleansing Infused with Walnut shells, Marine Clay.
# Honey Wheat Flour: Nourishing effect Infused with Honey Extract.
# Centella Calamine: Calming effect Infused with Calmine Powder.
# Baking Soda Greem Tea: Moisturizing effect Infused with Greentea Extract.

[How to use]

Take proper amount and make enough bubble.
Softly apply the bubble on your whole face and gently massage it.
Then clean it with lukewarm water.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 5ml x 5pcs

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