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[MISSHA] Misa Chogongjin 4 item Samples

[Misa Cho Gong Jin Toner]
The first step in changing skin, Cho Gong Jin toner moisturizes and balances skin, boosting the overall effects of the products that follow.
Rich, nourishing care. Gongjinbichaekdan prescription provides a rich, nourishing effect, filling and firming skin.

[Misa Cho Gong Jin Essence]
Concentrated total anti-aging oriental herbal essence that increases the strength of skin to help fight against the onset of time on the skin.
For anti-wrinkle and brightening effects.

[Misa Cho Gong Jin Emulsion]
Total anti-aging oriental herbal emulsion that posesses rich nourishing effects, vitalizes and brings back luster to weary skin. The smooth and soft emulsion deeply moisturizes and hydrates to comfort skin.

[Misa Cho Gong Jin Cream]
Total anti-aging oriental herbal cream comprehensively shields the skin against the signs of aging, ensuring unchanging beauty.
The rich luxurious cream intensely nourished and strenghtens weak, sagging skin.

[How to use]

[Misa Cho Gong Jin Toner]
Morning and night after cleansing, apply using palms and lightly press into skin to aid absorption

[Misa Cho Gong Jin Essence]
Apply after MISA Cho Gong Jin Toner. Gently pat the face with palms to be fully absorbed.

[Misa Cho Gong Jin Emulsion]
Apply after MISA Cho Gong Jin Essence following your skin texture and gently pat the face with palms to be fully absorbed.

[Misa Cho Gong Jin Cream]
Apply after MISA Cho Gong Jin Emulsion following your skin texture. Gently pat with palms to be fully absorbed.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1ml * 4ea

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