Registration at our website is FREE, you can become a member of Belieef.com without any admission fee or membership charges.

Everyone can use services of Belieef.com. 


To protect our customers’ private information, we have been always planning some strict safety measures. For more detailed information, please take a look at the following [Privacy Policy].

Customer’s privacy and shopping information are encrypted with SSL secret code.


We use a PayPal integrated system for payments. PayPal offerings worldwide: VISA / MASTER / American Express / Union / Discover / Switch / Solo / Giropay / Electronic cash / PayPal / PayPal online payment system has advanced security to prevent e-commerce frauds, therefore PayPal system is secure and successful online transfer system.

*NOTE : As we use PayPal Standard Integrated system, we do not have any access to credit card information of our clients. All credit card information of the income payments are safely encrypted by PayPal Company.


a. CANCEL order: For PayPal payment method (Before shipping) Please contact us through e-mail. If you already paid, you can be refunded immediately.

b. Before shipping: If you want to change or remove any item from your order, please email to service@belieef.com, so that we will be able to do any change from your order. 


5. Out of stock

Sometimes, during packaging after an order was placed, some items may occur to be out of stock or discontinued.

Sold out or discontinued items after the order was already placed: The sold-out item’s cost is refunded and, the rest of items from the order are shipped out.

A notification email about refund for sold out/discontinued items is sent to the customer’s registered e-mail.

The buyer can see the refunded cost and details on the buyer's order sheet.

The refund amount is returned to the balance of the payment method. (to PayPal balance )

6. Store Credit Program

Store Credits can be used like cash at belieef.com.

Store Credits are paid to your account on behalf of a refund via PayPal if out of stock.

Store Credits will be paid based on KRW, and which will change as the exchange rate changes.

1 Credit = 1 won (KRW)

7. Reward Point Program

Rewards Points can be used like cash at belieef.com.

Rewards Points will be credited to your account with 1% of the payment amount (excluding shipping cost).

Reward Points are credited to your account at the time the order's status changes to "shipped".

Rewards Points are paid based on the KRW, and are accumulated and retained in won, so they do not change as the exchange rate changes.

If there is a partial refund, the Reward Points will be deducted.

1 Reward Points = 1 won (KRW)

The Points earned in your account can be used as cash, along with Store Credits, for the next order.

However, it can not be used for shipping cost.