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Brand: A.H.C
Product Code: A.H.C_388997
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[A.H.C] Real Eye Cream Mask For Neck - 1pack (4pcs)

Special mask for intensive care with eye cream's core ingredients such as collagen, elastin, peptides, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, etc. to provide hydration and nourishment to skin and help prevent the evaporation of moisture.
It contains 34 types of peptides, 8 types of hyaluronic acid, and 8 types of vitamins to help total skin care.
A special wrapping sheet helps to deliver the eye cream to the skin without leaving behind.

[How to use]
1. Take out the sheet mask and attach on your neck.
2. Remove the sheet mask after 10~20 mins.
3. Gently dab your neck to absorb the remaining contents.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 6g x 4pcs

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