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Brand: A.H.C
Product Code: A.H.C_387334
Weight 190 g
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[A.H.C] Royal Truffle Mist Serum - 100ml

AHC Royal Truffle Mist Serum is a multi-purpose white truffle spray serum.
Used as a toner, serum or a mist, this spray serum will keep your skin glowing, and supple skin all day long.
This unique formula is packed with white truffle to promote skin cell renewal and brightening, Royal Jelly nourishes the skin and helps protect it.
Contains vegetable oil nutrition layer 10% and patented moisturizing ingredients, double-layer formulation with 90% moisture layer, maintain the skin's oil and moisture balance.

[How to use]
Shake well to combine the upper oil layer and the lower water layer of the spray.
Hold at least 10cm away and spritz evenly across the face 4-5 times before gently patting the product in for absorption.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 100ml

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