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[ACCOJE] Relax In Jeju Rosemary & Bija Gift Sample Set - 1set

[Rosemary & Bija Calming Body Wash 35ml]
It improves dead skin cells and skin texture with moist relief bubbles during and after showering.

[Rosemary & Bija Calming Body Lotion 35ml]
Even if you apply it just once, it makes your skin healthy and shiny as if you applied it twice.

[Rosemary & Bija Balance Hair Shampoo 35ml]
It improves the dead skin cells of the scalp and regulates the oil-water balance with a soft foam.

[Rosemary & Bija Balance Hair Serum 35ml]
It improves hair cuticle and gives hair shine without stickiness.

[How to use]
Step1. Rosemary & Bija Balance Hair Shampoo 35ml
Step2. Rosemary & Bija Calming Body Wash 35ml
Step3. Rosemary & Bija Balance Hair Serum 35ml
Step4. Rosemary & Bija Calming Body Lotion 35ml

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 35ml x 4

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