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[ACCOJE] Whitening Capsule Cream - 50ml

ACCOJE Whitening Capsule Cream with tone-up capsules and hydrating ingredients helps in brightening the skin tone.
The creamy and hydration-rich texture bursts with moisture leaving your skin hydrated and healthy-looking.
The formula with yellow tone-up capsules gentle melt on the skin making it appear brighter and clearer.
You will feel confident even without any makeup on.
It rejuvenates the skin and imparts a natural gloss.
Brightening cream that rejuvenates the skin's radiance with an elegant shine and moisture rich gloss.
Tone-up capsules that brightens the skin tone with a subtle radiance and glow.
Contains micro capsules, clarifying energy from Neolitsea aciculata and lotus roots from Jeju.
Creamy texture penetrates in the skin leaving it moisturised and healthy-looking.
This product is hypoallergenic and free from 6 types of parabens, benzophenone, harmful minerals, artificial coloring, fragrance, phenoxyethanol and animal oil.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount and spread it gently, so that it absorbs lightly.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 50ml

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