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[AMORE PACIFIC] Time Response Skin Reserve Toner Sample - 2ml

This anti-aging skin-transforming toner cares every time of skin, activating the youth energy derived from Green tea of

ChronoT™ obtained from AMOREPACIFIC’s patented beauty green tea species using a unique extraction method called “Dual
Infusion” provides an anti-aging effect that takes care of moisture and wrinkle forming factors in the skin.
It provides a strong moisture effect by delivering the precious energy of first-sprouted green tea cultivated in
AMOREPACIFIC’s Dolsongi Tea Garden.
Green tea-derived lactobacillus promotes the skin’s turnover by activating the enzyme that decomposes skin protein; the
ingredients of plant-derived hyaluronic acid and sugar beet-derived moisture restore the skin’s balance by providing
moisture to the skin.

[How to use]
Use after cleansing every morning and evening.
Sweep over face and neck avoiding the immediate area surrounding the eyes.
Follow with TIME RESPONSE regimen for ideal results.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 2ml

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