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Brand: AMOS
Product Code: AMOS_391979
Weight 357 g
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[AMOS] Perfect Renew Green Tea Active Pack - 250ml

Hair pack for alleviating hair loss symptoms that strengthens moisture and nutrition to weakened scalp and hair.
Contains Green Tea Caechins, Zinc Pyrithione, Salicylic acid, and Dex panthenol.
Moisturizes and nourishes the scalp.
Helps improve elasticity of hair and eases detangling.
Gives the hair and scalp a revitalised look.
Helps to reduce hair loss.
Cleanses the scalp and hair.
Skin irritation test completed.

[How to use]
Wet hair and scalp sufficiently with lukewarm water once a day, take an appropriate amount on hand, and spread evenly over hair and scalp.
After 2-3 minutes, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 250ml

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