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Brand: AMOS
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[AMOS] The Green Tea Scalp Deep Cleanser - 1pack (15ml x 6pcs)

Moisturizing scalp and horny care, moisturizing and keratinic care on a sensitive, dry scalp.
Cream base moisturizing ingredients to the sensitive scalp care, minimizing scalp stimulation.

[Main Ingredients]
Active Green Tea raw materials - Hair root strengthening and hair loss internal, external factors care.
Ginseng Saponin - Increase of hair density & hair thickness.

[How to use]
Moisten the scalp enough with warm water.
Divide the sections by 1 ~ 2 cm, spread evenly over the scalp and gently rub them with fingerprints.
5 ~ 10 minutes after leaving the natural, wash more shampoo than usual and then thoroughly rinse the shampoo out.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack (15ml x 6pcs)

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