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Brand: AMUSE
Product Code: AMUSE_375813
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[AMUSE] Dew Tint - 4g

A 35% water-infused lip tint, in a light and fresh watery texture.
Clear color and long-lasting glow leaves a water-coating finish on your lips.
35% water-infused lip tint - Fresh and light dewy texture adheres to your lips, with the triple structure of water-oil-water.
Dew lip care - Mango extract keeps your lips soft and moist, while apple extract & Vitamin E acetate protect your lips from the outside environment.
Water coating finish - Water-light coating finish gives long-lasting glow and clear color to your lips.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount and smooth onto lips for dewy lips.

# 01 La Vie En Coral
# 02 Han River Breeze
# 03 Flower Market
# 04 Dew What U Love
# 05 Hipjiro
# 06 Fig Dew
# 07 Hwayangyeonhwa
# 08 Spring Night

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 4g

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