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Brand: AMUSE
Product Code: AMUSE_375826
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[AMUSE] Newtro Matt - 2.8g

A soft, matte, velvet tint for the matte lip aficionados.
A long-lasting and intense velvet matte texture in filtered-down shades with a vintage hue.
Newtro matt texture - An innovative, new matte texture created by crushing matte lipstick into nano-powder.
8 filtered-down "NEWTRO" shades - Unique color range of soft "newtro" shades with a touch of vintage, analog sensuality.
Velvet sticker finish - Long-lasting velvet finish stays comfortable and soft all day long.

[How to use]
Take an appropriate amount and smooth onto lips.

# 01 Seongsudong
# 02 Flash
# 03 Narcissism
# 04 Millennial
# 05 1998
# 06 Seoul 2PM
# 07 Tiger Chili
# 08 Mademoiselle

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 2.8g

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