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[ANESSA] Whitening UV Sunscreen Gel A - 90g (SPF50+ PA++++)

A medicated whitening UV gel that can be used for whitening and moisturizing care.
The whitening active ingredient suppresses the production of melanin and prevents blemishes and freckles.
Contains m-tranexamic acid, which is an active whitening ingredient, and glycyrrhizate, which is an active ingredient to prevent rough skin.
Beauty sun care that protects the skin of the present and the future.

In addition, with 50% skin care ingredients, it feels fresh and comfortable to use.
Contains moisturizing and skin-beautifying ingredients.
Prevents drying damage caused by the ultraviolet rays and provides moisture to the skin for a longer period.
Immediately after application, you will feel the transparency of the skin and finish it with a fine and natural impression (No pearl agent used).
Waterproof as it has been confirmed to be water-resistant in a 40-minute water bath test.
Can be removed with just soap.
Can also be used as a makeup base.
A refreshing “citrus scent.”
Uncolored and allergy tested (not all people are allergic).

Tranexamic acid, dipotassium glycyrrhizinate, purified water, diisopropyl sebacate, ethanol, concentrated glycerin, 2-ethylhexyl paramethoxysilicate, 1,3-butylene glycol, 2,4-bis-[{4- (2-) Ethylhexyloxy) -2-hydroxy} -phenyl] -6- (4-methoxyphenyl) -1,3,5-triazine, 2- [4- (diethylamino) -2-hydroxybenzoyl] benzoic acid hexyl ester, hydrous kei Acid, polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, 2,4,6-tris [4- (2-ethylhexyloxycarbonyl) anilino] -1,3,5-triazine, methylpolysiloxane, polyoxyethylene / methylpolysiloxane co-weight Combined, crosslinked N, N-dimethylacrylamide-2-acrylamide-2-methylpropanesulfonate sodium copolymer, isostearic acid, canten powder, dibutyl hydroxytoluene, succinoglucan, hydrophobic hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, edelweiss extract, cha extract (1), Tormentilla extract, citrate, acetylated sodium hyaluronate, water-soluble collagen (F), phenoxyethanol, fragrance, low-temperature calcined zinc oxide.

[How to use]
For the face and neck, take an appropriate amount at the end of morning skincare routine and apply it evenly and carefully.
For the body, squeeze plenty of linear lines directly on the skin from the container and apply it evenly in a circular motion with the palm of your hand.
Small amount will not provide adequate UV protection.
After sweating or wiping with a towel, please reapply if necessary.
When removing it, lather the cleaning agent you normally use with a body towel, etc., and wash it off carefully.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 90g (SPF50+ PA++++)

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