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[APRIL SKIN] Madeca Solution Cream

#Moisture and Hydrating
Creamy texture creates a moisture barrier strengthening the skin and helps absorb beneficial substances.

#Calming and Protecting
Contain madecassoside (10ppm) for soothing sensitive skin

#After Skin-Treatment Care
Non-irritant formula helps care for irritated skin after clinical treatments

#Lowers Skin Temperature
Helps lower skin temperature, making skin less sensitive and leaves a non-sticky fresh finish

[How to use]

Apply adequate amount on troubled/dry area and on areas that need extra care apply an extra layer.

* Depending on your skin concerns, apply heavily during the night and lightly on spots.
* Use on any dry areas (elbow, heel, plum bone) consistently for hydration.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 50ml

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