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[ARITAUM] Matte Formula Brow Mascara - 4.5g

A brow mascara comes with four colors in matte finsih.
Highly pigmented with nice adherence without caking even apply several layers.
Quickly fixed to offer long-lasting eyebrow look.
Offers waterproof effect with easy washable formula that could be remove with lukewarm water.
The combination of the Pro Setting applicator and formula offers synergy effect to create delicate and natural eyebrow texture.

[How to use]
1. Adjust the amount of eyebrow gel in the opening of the container and comb on eyebrow in a opposite direction of its texture.
2. Gently apply from the beginning to tip of your eyebrow.
3. Apply one more layer on top before the gel fixed to create even more delicate look.

#01 Light Brown
#02 Ash Brown
#03 Natural Brown
#04 Dark Brown

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 4.5g

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