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[ARITAUM] MODI SPA Amino Care Nail Serum - 9ml

Core amino acids, silk amino acids and cooper peptides, make damaged nails more powerful.
The rich active ingredients of the refreshing serum texture quickly penetrate the damaged nails without stickiness.
500ppm of silk amino acid, cooper peptide, and hydrolyzed keratin deliver dense nutrition, and form a stronger protective film on nails.
It contains a vitamin complex and spirulina extract, and the more you apply it, the deeper it fills the vital vitamins to the tip of your nails.

[How to use]
After applying the appropriate amount of the contents evenly to the nails and cuticle lines 2-3 times 1 day, gently absorb them as if massaging them, and you can maintain healthy nails.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 9ml

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