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[AROMATICA] Organic Rosehip Oil - 30ml

Organic Rosehip Oil is a premium moisturizing facial oil made from 100% ECOCERT certified organic rosehip oil.
The concentrated 100% rosehip oil, cold-pressed from natural rosehip fruit grown on the Andes, moisturizes skin leaving it nourished and supple.
The Cold press method extracts the active ingredients of natural raw materials using solely physical pressure with no high heat applied.
This oil hasn’t undergone the processes of decolorization or deodorization which gives it a unique reddish color and minimizes the destruction of the nutrients such as Chlorophyll and Tocopherol.
More than a superfood, Rosehip has 20 times more vitamin C, A, B, E, and P than lemon.
A refreshing, moisturizing formula gives the feeling of the combination of serum and oil!
Incredibly moisturizes skin inside out even with a small amount. It is suitable for all skin types including dry.

Rosa Canina Fruit Oil 100%.

[How to use]
Apply 2-3 drops of the product on the face evenly and massage for a while.

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- Volume : 30ml

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