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[AYUNCHE] Enhancing Silky Oil - 100ml

It provides nutritious shine and cuticle care to brittle and damaged hair, providing clear and silky hair texture.
It provides a deep nourishing feeling and completes the soft and shiny hair texture.
It contains fermented camellia oil, argan oil and peach seed oil, which penetrates into the hair without stickiness, providing deep nourishment and softness.
The Enhancing Silky System, which provides hair cuticle tidying and nutrition, provides smooth and clear hair even after dyeing.
Contains pomegranate extract and vinegar to nourish hair.
Fermented camellia oil gives shine to hair.
The oil film coats the hair and protects it from external heat.
The clear and transparent formula is absorbed into the hair without any residue.
A lively and refreshing fruity citrus scent and herbal floral scent harmonize to give you an elegant feeling.

[How to use]
After towel drying, apply 1-2 drops of the contents evenly to wet hair and dry.
After drying, apply again to the tip of the hair to finish.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 100ml

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