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[AYUNCHE] Rebalancing Shampoo Fresh - 350g

It strengthens the scalp defense power, completes the hair from root to tip, and helps prevent hair loss.
It is a hair loss symptom relief shampoo that helps to improve the scalp environment and cares for the oil and moisture balance, providing healthy and strong scalp hair.
The patented probiotic ProBiome balances damaged hair health and improves the scalp environment.
The hair root double care system that strengthens and protects the hair roots provides strong care for weakened hair.
Contains green tea extract and ginseng extract to provide nourishment to the hair.
It takes care of oily scalp troubles (excessive sebum and oil) with soft cleansing and a refreshing cooling feeling, and provides a refreshing refreshing feeling after washing.
7 kinds of harmful ingredients free.
Human stimulation test completed.
A refreshing translucent light brown formulation that forms a dense foam.
The scent of green citrus and pine needles gives you a refreshing feeling as if you are walking in the forest, and provides a pleasant cleansing with a rich and comfortable feeling.

[How to use]
1. Wet your hair thoroughly with water, then take an appropriate amount of the contents into your hands.
2. Rub evenly over hair and scalp as if massaging, lather and rinse thoroughly.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 350g

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