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[AYUNCHE] Refreshing Shampoo - 350g

It cools and cleans oily and stuffy dandruff and oily scalp.
It is a scalp cleansing shampoo that takes care of excess sebum, oil and dandruff at once through deep cleansing, providing fresh and smooth scalp hair.
Powerful deep cleansing that cleans dandruff, dead skin cells, and oil all at once and a refreshing cooling sensation solves the troubles of a damp and itchy scalp.
It keeps the scalp fresh for a long time even after shampooing.
It effectively cleans wastes with rich, creamy, and absorbent foam, and gently massages every nook and cranny of the scalp without getting tangled when shampooing.
A viscous, clear and transparent formulation forms a dense and dense foam and provides a refreshing cleansing effect.

[How to use]
1. Wet your hair thoroughly with water, then take an appropriate amount of the contents into your hands.
2. Rub evenly over hair and scalp as if massaging, lather and rinse thoroughly.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 350g

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