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[B & HILL] Hycaronic Toner - 200ml

Hyaluronic, ultra-low-molecular hyaluronic acid toner that is naturally derived without irritation to the skin.
It provides the effects of soothing skin, removing pore waste, controlling oil-water balance, and supplying moisture.
AHA takes care of unnecessary waste and sebum on the skin.
PHA removes wastes in the pores without irritating the skin and reduces the size of pores.
Ultra-low molecular weight hyaluronic acid provides moisture and elasticity to the skin, and peptide ingredients soothe the skin.
Contains 910,000ppm of Jeju Centella Extract to soothe the skin without irritation and restore the condition of stressed skin.
It contains Caffeic Acid, which are strong antioxidants in coffee, and NP-7 peptide to help soothe the skin and effectively deliver active ingredients to the skin.
Skin irritation test completed.

[How to use]
1. Moisten a cotton pad with toner and gently wipe along the skin texture from the inside of the T zone to the outside.
2. Take an appropriate amount and gently absorb it along the skin texture.

Tip! You can apply this refrigerated toner to a cotton pad and put it on the irritated area or dry skin to use as a pack.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 200ml

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