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[BADSKIN] Pure Vitamin-C Powder - 20g

100% Brightening booster! Rear vitamin C 100%.
The most effective way to apply vitamin C for brightening skin.
BAD SKIN identified the problem of existing vitamin C cosmetics.
In order to stabilize vitamin C from oxidation and effectively apply it to the skin, it is produced in powder form and put in a shading bottle.
Contains 100% real pure vitamin C, not vitamin derivatives.
Keep skin clear and brightening with pure vitamin C 100%.
Fine powder particles blend well with any basic product.
When applied to alkaline cosmetics that harm the skin barrier, Vitamin C powder controls pH with weak acidity similar to healthy skin.

Ascorbic Acid.

[How to use]
After cleansing mix BAD SKIN PURE VITAMIN-C POWDER with toner or water in a 3:7 ratio and apply evenly over face and neck with a brush.
After1~2minutes, rinse off with likewarm water and it will brighten and brighten your skin.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 20g

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