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[Ballance Me] Woman Refresh Toner - 200ml

Moisture supply - Shea Butter Extract, Peppermint Extract, Green Tea Extracts deeply hydrate and transfer moisture to moisturize the skin.

Skin soothing - Aloe Vera extract hydrates and calms the skin.

Nutrition and moisturizing effect - 8 kinds of vegetable oils prevent moisture evaporation of the skin, provide powerful moisturizing power, absorbed into the skin and pores, and provide nutrients.

Smooth skin care - The vegetable extract moisturizes and moisturizes dry and rough skin texture, and the vegetable oil provides the skin with gloss and shine for a smooth and vibrant skin.

[How to use]
After morning and evening cleansing, apply an appropriate amount to the palm or cotton pads and gently rub out from the inside of the face.

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- Volume : 200ml

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