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[BARUN JUNGSUNG] Glutathione White - 1pack (4g x 30pcs)

Inner beauty that contains 800mg of glutathione dry yeast in one pack, taken one pack per day.
Reliable British vitamin C contains 2,000mg per pack.
Low molecular weight fish collagen with excellent absorption rate contains 1,000mg per pack.
It is a safe food with HACCP certification as a simple stick-type powder type and refreshing lemon taste.
It contains 3 types of mixed lactic acid bacteria and hyaluronic acid, and rich vitamin C nutrients take care of the body's nutrition.

[How to use]
Once 1 day, take 1 sachet at 1 time without water or with water.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack (4g x 30pcs)

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