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[BEYOND] Miracle For Rest Concentrate Cream - 50ml (M)

This cream contains the powerful vitality from the clean forest and Cera-Layer Complex in soft texture with enrichment.
A total care cream that comprehensively improves skin texture/tone/moisturizing/elasticity by gently adhering to a soft texture formula containing the strong vitality of a clean forest and Cera-Layer complex™.
Wrinkle improvement functionality/No silicone oil added.
Miracle Forest is a total solution to effectively improve the signs of tired skin.
With a soft texture like a whipping cream, it adheres to the skin without burden, leaving only a moisture film.

[How to use]
At the end of the skincare, apply some on your face and softly spread from inward to outward along with the skin texture.
Wrap face with both palms lightly for absorption.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 50ml

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