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[BEYOND] Miracle For Rest Concentrate Mask - 1pcs

This highly adhesive mask sheet contains the powerful vitality from the clean forest and Cera-Layer Complex is a highly moisturizing essence with nutrition.
A sheet mask formulated with Cera-Layer Complex™ which deeply nourishes your stressed skin for a moisturized, healthy-looking complexion.
Forest Energy Complex™ contains the 'vitality of forest' extracted from the world's most pristine forests such as Italy's White Truffle to nourish your weary, tired skin.
Free from 11 chemical ingredients such as Mineral Oil, BHT.

[How to use]
After face wash and toner, take the sheet out of the pouch.
Place the location of the eyes, nose, and mouth on the sheet to attach it onto your face.
Remove the mask after 15-20 minutes and tap your face to get the leftover mask ingredients absorbed.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pcs (27ml)

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