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[BIOLEE] Acnepris Anti Trouble Pen Red - 10ml

Get this miracle in a bottle to help banish your zits and acne once and for all.
The Acnepris Anti-trouble pen Red has the patented Highly Concentrated PPE, which is extracted from the pollen of pinus densiflora.
This ingredient helps reduce bacteria on the acne site while soothing the area, ensuring the acne and pimples heal faster.
Make your beauty wishes come true with the Acnepris Anti-trouble pen Red.
This pen’s unique design allows you to apply the anti-acne and soothing products without using your hands, ensuring you don’t transfer any of the bacteria from your fingers to your face.
Other ingredients such as Centella and purslane offer soothing effects, ensuring the zit site is not irritated.
Get the insta-worthy skin with the Acnepris Anti-trouble pen Red.
Unlike filters and makeup, this pen actually gets rid of your breakouts, ensuring you never have to rely on technology or concealers to hide them. Ingredients such as Highly Concentrated PPE get rid of the bacteria on your skin, and the Cordyceps improves your skin’s elasticity.
When you use this pen consistently, your acne and breakouts will disappear completely in a week.
Step up your skincare routine for influencer-approved beauty with the Acnepris Anti-trouble pen Red.
Designed to get rid of all the acne and zits on your face, this pen is very hygienic to use, as it allows you to apply the product without using your fingers.
This ensures there’s no transfer of bacteria from your hands to your face, which could worsen the situation.
Furthermore, this pen is non-comodogenic, ensuring it doesn’t clog your pores.

[How to use]
Use several times daily. Hold the vial upside down roll only on the spot.
Can be applied on top of makeup.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 10ml

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