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[BIOME ACTIVATE] Spicule Serum Needle Action 300 - 30ml

Spicules extracted from natural sponges are a material with a fine needle shape.
It acts delicately on the skin surface, helping with skin turnover and exfoliation.
It improves and smoothens skin texture.
Hyaluronic acid-coated spicules and pore care ingredients work together to temporarily tighten dilated and stretched pores, such as vertical pores.
The spicule effect helps the absorption of ingredients that make up the skin or are similar, such as ceramide, elastin, PDRN, etc., keeps the skin firm and boosts the effectiveness of the next step of skin care.
It is a moisturizing and soothing system that forms a watery gel matrix. It applies smoothly and quickly soothes the skin and helps relieve irritation.
Contains vegetable collagen and white-eared mushroom extract, allowing the vegan collagen ingredient to be easily absorbed, quickly creating moisturized skin.
Contains skin-friendly vegan ceramide and vegan elastin ingredients that help maintain firm and elastic skin.
Contains PDRN (PDRN/Sodium DNA), which is good for skin compatibility and helps skin health such as moisturizing and elasticity.

Purified water, glycerin, dipropylene glycol, 1,2-hexanediol, niacinamide, ethylhexyl palmitate, panthenol, carbomer, tromethamine, sodium hyaluronate, sodium polyacrylate, hydrolyzed Sponge (6,009 ppm), hydrogenated polydecene, hydrolyzed jojoba ester, ethylhexylglycerin, white-throated mushroom extract, hydrolyzed sclerotium gum, adenosine, caprylyl/capryl glucoside, disodium EDT A, butylene glycol, sodium DNA, tranexamic acid, ectoin, mugwort leaf water, jacaranda flower extract, chestnut shell extract, citron peel extract, strawberry extract, gluconolactone, lotus flower extract, bifida fermentation lysate, bifidum Multifermentation extract, Bifida fermentation filtrate, Bacillus fermentation, Lactobacillus fermentation, Lactobacillus fermentation lysate, Lactococcus fermentation lysate, rice fermentation filtrate, yeast fermentation, yeast fermentation lysate filtrate, yeast fermentation filtrate , Hydrogenated lecithin, Ceramide NP, cholesterol, Irish moss extract, stearic acid, hydrolyzed elastin, squalane, oleic acid, macadamia seed oil, tocopherol, rapeseed sterol, acetyl hexapeptide-8, copper tripeptide- 1, palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, RH-oligopeptide-1.

[How to use]
1. After washing your face, roll an appropriate amount as if massaging it to be absorbed, then finish by pressing it firmly with your palms. After use, apply sufficient moisturizing care.
2. When using a product containing spicules for the first time, use a small amount, avoiding the area around the eyes and mouth, and gradually increase the amount after the skin adapts.
3. As the product is absorbed into the skin, temporary tingling, redness, and itching may occur. However, this is a natural phenomenon that occurs as the product is absorbed into the skin.
It will calm down naturally after a certain period of time, but if you want to calm down quickly, use a separate soothing product.

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- Volume : 30ml

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