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Brand: BNBG
Product Code: BNBG_378404
Weight 424 g
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[BNBG] Bano Anti Oxidant Injection Mask - 1pack (10pcs) (Exp. 07-Mar, 2021)

It is an antioxidant mask that rejuvenates the skin with a single sheet filled with activity skin condition.
It contains a strong antioxidant ingredient, Chioctic Acid, to recharge your weary skin condition and help to keep your skin.
A moist, soft, long fiber sheet wraps around your skin and enhances penetration of active ingredients.

[How to use]
1. Gently cleanse and tone the skin.
2. Place the mask sheet evenly to the skin.
3. Remove mask after 10~20 minutes.
4. Massage remaining product into face and neck.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack (10pcs)

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