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[BONAIR] Rose Illuminator Oil Drop

Treat your complexion to the Bonair Rose Illuminator Drop Oil; an oil-based essence with added water for replenishing and rejuvenating benefits.
Harnessing the powers of plant-derived Bisabolol and natural Rosehip Oil, the lightweight, quick-absorbing treatment nourishes and hydrates dry skin, whilst enhancing radiance for a healthy-looking glow.
Antioxidant-rich Gardenia Seeds target signs of ageing and address pigmentation, age spots and dullness for improved skin tone and texture.
Infused with the brand's signature herb-based aroma that is manufactured in Grasse, France, you can expect a smooth, bright complexion with a subtle scent.

[How to use]

Use every day and night at the step of toner or essence.
Take an adequate amount to face after shaking it.
Press your palms gently against your face until completely absorbed.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 30ml

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