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[briskin] Real Fit Secondskin Mask

briskin Real Fit SecondSkin Mask optimizes for a balanced skin condition with ultra-slim biocellulose sheet and Slicing technology.
The Real Fit SecondSkin Mask features advanced bio-cellulose sheet made from fermented coconut juice to boost serum absorption.
Highly adhesive that fits like a second skin.

Formulated with Helichrysum Italicum extract, Portulaca Oleracea extract and Centella Asiatica extract to soothe and protect sensitive skin.

Formulated with Pancratium Maritimum extract, pearl extract and Hippophae Rhamnoides fruit extract to nourish skin and fade hyperpigmentation for a clear and glowy complexion.

[Anti Wrinkle & Firmness]
Formulated with patented Edelweiss Callus Culture extract, marine collagen, panthenol and adenosine to nourish skin with collagen and protein to rejuvenate skin for a radiant complexion.

Formulated with Centella Asiatica extract, green tea extract and Houttuynia Cordata extract to soothe sensitive skin instantly and provide deep hydration.

[How to use]

1. After cleansing, prep your skin with toner.
2. Remove the protective film from one side of the mask and place it onto your face.
3. Remove the remaining protective film and leave for 15-20 minutes.
4. Pat in any remaining essence for better absorption.

# AC-Control
# Radiance
# Anti Wrinkle & Firmness
# Hydration

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