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[BRO&TIPS] Never Oily All In One - 120ml

Eye cream capsule elastic care-4in1 all-in-one sebum, pore & wrinkle care, whitening triple function.
Ingredients that are good for oily skin - Morkan Lava Clay contains allantoin & refreshes oily skin.
Third Control Complex™ - Contains Sebum control complex™ that cares for pores and sebum, manages shine and oil balance.
All-in-one with eye cream - Applying eye cream with skin cream lotion and essence.

Recommended type
1. Wash my face three times a day because of oily skin.
2. You should wipe your face with oily paper frequently.
3. I want to care for my skin, but it seems more oily.
4. Applying cosmetics bundles nothing.

Solve 4 major problems of oily skin.
1. Bundle.
2. Oil and water balance.
3. Sebum Care.
4. Pores.

Oily Skin Sebum Care
1. Double line care for sebum and pores with only 1 line + skin + essence + eye cream never oil.
2. Pore, greasy, sebum, oil and moisture balance 4 types care by holding oil and sebum with porous powder during application.

[How to use]
Use the right amount, smoothly spread it out and let it be absorbed by lightly tapping on your face.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 120ml

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