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Brand: BT21_VT
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[BT21_VT] Lippie Stick

Lippie Stick is softly drawn with soft color and colorful sense!
Lippie Stick offers crisp colors like watercolor for a long time with creamy texture.
Perfect coloring without re-applying.
Vivid coloring system.
The abundant color pigment enhances coloring and creates a rich and sensible color expression with one touch.
Creamy and naturally blending gradation for a variety of makeup.

[How to use]
[Gradient Lips]
Apply a lipstick on the inside of your lips and spread it gently with a cotton swab, finger, lip brush, etc.

[Full Lips]
To express vivid colors, apply lipstick several times along with lip lines and finish with a cotton swab or brush.

# Brown Dawn
# Sturdy Coral
# Mood Rose
# Burnt Pink
# Deep Orange
# Red Pool
# Burgundy Scene
# Struck Pink

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 3.5g

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