[BT21_VT] Tatoo Brow - 7g
₩21,000 ₩16,250
[BT21_VT] Tatoo Brow [Description] Coloring and shaping at once! All day long, just like first makeu..
[BT21_VT] Rich Whip Cleanser - 100ml
[BT21_VT] Rich Whip Cleanser [Description] Fine bubbles cleanse skin and removes make-up residue and..
[BT21_VT] Tinted Foundation - 30ml (SPF 30 / PA++)
[BT21_VT] Tinted Foundation [Description] This foundation with lightweight, thin cream texture tha..
[BT21_VT] Fit On Stick - 10g
₩25,000 ₩20,000
[BT21_VT] Fit On Stick [Description] [Shading] Gently and easy to put it on the skin, completing the..
[BT21_VT] Tinted Shimmering Luminizer - 30ml (SPF 25 / PA++)
[BT21_VT] Tinted Shimmering Luminizer [Description] Skin light ON with Tone-up base! Complete clear ..
[BT21_VT] Tinted Milk CC Cream - 30ml
[BT21_VT] Tinted Milk CC Cream [Description] Skin light ON with Tone-up base! Complete clear skin to..
[BT21_VT] Tinted Color Base - 30ml (SPF 35 / PA++)
[BT21_VT] Tinted Color Base [Description] Perfectly utilizing the natural skin color! Perfect Color ..
[BT21_VT] Lippie Stick - 3.8g
₩20,000 ₩16,250
[BT21_VT] Lippie Stick [Description] Lippie Stick is softly drawn with soft color and colorful sense..
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