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Brand: Ciracle
Product Code: Ciracle_300068
Weight 81 g
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[Ciracle] Red Spot Pink Powder

BHA and AHA disintegrate the old dead skin cell layers, while calamine and volcanic ash extracts soothe the skin quickly.
It also sticks to excess sebum to remove skin wastes and restores your skin back to healthier state.
[Yellow Liquid + Pink Poweder]
Yellow Liquid : BHA and AHA exfoliate old dead skin cell layer.
Pink Powder : Calamine, sulfur, volcanic ash.

[How to use]

1. Do not shake before use. Make sure there is a clear distinction between the pink powder layer and yellow liquid layer.
2. Put the cotton bud deep inside to reach the pink powder.
3. Apply the pink powder on the pimples on the face.
4. Clean your face when it's dry.

Recommended for use before going to sleep.
Make sure to keep the product in room temperature.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 16ml

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