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Brand: Ciracle
Product Code: Ciracle_300013
Weight 161 g
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[Ciracle] Vitamin Source C 20

Assists in the removal of dead skin cells and blackheads.
Controls blemishes and tightens pores.
Revitalises the skin and promotes skin recovery.
Whiten and brightens skin tone.
Protects, softens and moisturises the skin.
Suitable for all skin types.

[How to use]

1. Apply after cleansing and toning. Use 2-3 drops and smooth gently over the face and tired area, dark spots and wrinkles.
2. Initially, a slight tingling feeling may be experienced.
3. Mixing with several drops of Vitamin C20 and toner makes your skin refreshed.
4. After applying Vitamin Source C20, apply moisturizer for better results.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 30ml

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