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Brand: CLIO
Product Code: CLIO_288464
Weight 31 g
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[CLIO] Mad Matte Tint

Maintains the colors as they were with color pigments that pigment the skin with their own colors.
Spreading spherical powder and adhering plate powder color the lips lightly without smearing.
Flexible fitting film with 30% moisture base keeps the lips moist and comforted with matte expressions.

[How to use]

Apply directly to lips.
Start in the center of lips and smooth outwards toward corners of mouth.

#01 Natalie Red
#02 Mocha Chip
#03 Deepublic
#04 Modern Rose
#05 Pink Stream
#06 Eternal Coral
#07 Peach Mousse
#08 Chal Tea Latte
#09 Chili Brick
#10 Rose Scene
#11 Sera Pink
#12 Mauve Over

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 4.5ml

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