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[CLIO] Prism Air Eye Palette - 8.8g

This eyeshadow palette consists of eight highly-pigmented shades, ranging from mattes to shimmers.
The lightweight pigments adhere to your lids while minimizing fallout.
Available in two color combinations.

01 CORAL SPARKLE - A coral-based eye palette.
[01 Flower Sugar] - Gold pearl ivory color
[02 Heavenly Breeze] - Pink-gold hologram glitter
[03 Sunshine Shower] - Copper-hued glitter
[04 Coral Bouquet] - Pink coral shade
[05 Peach Picnic] - Versatile peach color
[06 From Spring] - Coral shade glitter
[07 Calming Rain] - Pearlescent pink-gold shade
[08 Wood Scent] - Classic brown color

02 PINK ADDICT - A pink-based eye palette.
[01 Spring In Me] - Pearlescent silver-gold shade
[02 Flying Petal] - Glittery pink, orange, and pearl color combination
[03 Eternal Blossom] - Pearlescent pink hue
[04 Rose Waltz] - Old rose color
[05 The April] - Pale gold-pearl shade
[06 Floral Maze] - Hologram copper-hued pearl pink shade
[07 Pink Drizzle] - Warm glittery pink hue
[08 Love Lane] - Pinkish brown color

[How to use]
1. Evenly apply on eyelids using your finger. This product is fragile and sensitive to impact. Store with caution.
2. The spherical powder particles are made with textured coating to enhance blendability and stabilize the formula, imparting a powdery finish with minimal creasing.

#01 Coral Sparkle
#02 Pink Addict

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 8.8g

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