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[CLIO] Stay Perfect Velvet Cushion - 1pack (12g+Refill) (SPF50+ PA+++)

By forming a makeup film, smooth skin lasts for a long time without worrying about collapsing.
The micro-sized cover powder meticulously covers skin imperfections, and forms a network with the film former to cover imperfections thinly and smoothly as you tap.
It contains pore erasing gel that fills the skin pores and oil with a silky finish to create soft, velvety skin without worrying about pulling.

[How to use]
Apply it to the desired area with an air cushion puff and pat it.

#2 Lingerie
#3 Linen
#4 Ginger

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 1pack (12g+Refill) (SPF50+ PA+++)

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