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[CORALHAZE] Soft Blur Cheek - 3.9g

Soft pastel-colored flowers and fruit-inspired powder blush that delivers healthy-looking color to flatter any skin tone.
Fine particles permeating like petals : As if dyeing clear petals on the cheeks, the blush of fine particles completes my own atmosphere.
Layering : The fine powder particles provide a clear and transparent color that does not clump even after multiple coats.
Silky-smooth cheek color : Silky powder texture that blends evenly without boundaries even when applied by hand.
Like a clear flower petal that stays the same over time.
Blur filter that covers pores and irregularities : Like petals lightly dropped on cheeks, it gently covers pores and irregularities on the skin, giving a natural blur filter effect.
Fixing : The silky texture of the close-fitting powder minimizes dusting and brightens the cheeks.

[How to use]
Apply gently to the desired area using your fingers or a brush.

#01 Sweet Peach
#02 Cozy Apricot
#03 Pure Lavender

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 3.9g

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