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Brand: Cos De BAHA
Product Code: Cos De BAHA_380319
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[Cos De BAHA] Niacinamide 10 Serum - 60ml (L)

Cos De BAHA Skin 10% Niacinamide Booster Serum with 1% Zinc dramatically improves uneven skin tone, refines skin texture, improves fine lines, has overall brightening effect, effective against acne and post-acne red spots.
Promotes a brighter, younger-looking appearance.
Niacinamide (vitamin B3) visibly minimizes pore size.
Light liquid formula.
Add it to your moisturizer or serum or use alone.
Vitamin B3 Serum helps in firming your skin and restoring moisture, leaving you with protected and hydrated skin that feels smoother and supple all day.
Life Essentials Vitamin B3 Serum has active ingredients that will boost collagen production to improve the health of your skin.
Formulated with all natural and organic ingredients. Niacinamide 10% is professionally proven to repair, heal and improve your skin.

[How to use]
Apply on the dry face 2-3 drops of the product, leave until completely absorbed.
Niacinamide Serum can be used on a regular basis twice a day.
Close the product with a moisturiser in the last stage.

- Condition : NEW

- Volume : 60ml

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